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Hi all! I am taking the server down for a bit  this morning as most of you are in school. We are doing a little more prep getting ready to update to 1.12. It shouldnt take more than an hour or two. I will keep you posted!

Enchanting changes

Cake_Lady tag posted Jun 9, 17

Awhile ago we disabled the ability to get custom enchants from the enchanting table. It is now time to remove it from the server entirely as it seems that it is interfering with vanilla enchanting in a negative way. I am hoping to wait until after we update to 1.12 to add in the replacement enchants so please, be patient.

If you have items with custom enchants (non-vanilla and not from the mythic drops as all those still work) then the custom enchantments will stop working, HOWEVER, do not get rid of those items! We will have a plan in place to allow for trading in those items for similar enchantments under the new system. 

If you strongly oppose this removal of the enchantments for this (hopefully) short period of time, please let me know. I am always trying to keep your best interests in mind and I am always open to your opinions.

As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please post below.

Minecraft 1.12!

Cake_Lady tag posted Jun 7, 17

As I am sure many of you are aware by now, Minecraft 1.12 was officially released earlier today. So of course everyone wants to know if and when ShadowHaven will be updated to 1.12.  Well first off, yes we absolutely plan on updating. Second, I am not sure when that will happen. We are waiting on a few plugins to update, and I will begin a more thorough testing of all the remaining plugins today. 

Once we update to 1.12, all the new items will be found solely in the resource world as it isnt possible to update our current world. However, the new mobs might be found in the current towny world, so keep your eyes out for that. 

I will keep you posted as we get closer to updating, but I promise to make that happen as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience!


**UPDATE 6/9/2017**

The good news is that many of our plugins are already updated to 1.12! However, unfortunately some of the main ones we use (and dont want to live without) have not yet been updated (MCMMO among others). So we will be waiting until those plugins are updated. Also as of right now, Bungee still does not have a 1.12 version, so until that updates we cant update either. 

Creative Overhaul

Cake_Lady tag posted Jun 5, 17

We will be taking the Creative server down for maintenance and some much needed improvements, starting Wednesday, June 7, 8am PST.  I expect Creative will be down for the remainder of that day and possibly the next day. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We will try and bring creative back up as soon as possible. 

Your creative builds will likely be moved to new plots but you will not loose anything. To get to your plot you can do /plot home. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please post below. 

Thank you all for your understanding!


So I am starting a series im going to call Monday Madness because going forward all our new releases will occur on Mondays, so you all know when to look on the forums to see what may (or may not) be new that week. We have lots of new plans for the summer so stay tuned!

First off, dont forget the Olympics start Saturday June 3 with our opening ceremonies. So be sure and be here! We will be starting things off with some fireworks and an awesome drop party. Check out the Olympics post for more details.

So what is new this week?? MythicDrops! This will be added late Monday. 

With mythic drops you will find some new items that will currently only drop from mobs that naturally spawn in the resource world. Mobs from spawners will not drop mythic items. 


Some mobs will be seen as carrying items, but others (like creepers, spiders, endermen, etc) will not show visible signs of carrying items. Once you defeat the mob it will drop its item and you can pick it up. 

Some tools and weapons will be identified:

While others will remain mysterious:

You can also find books. There are three main types of books that you can find: Identity Tomes (used to identify unidentified items as above), Soul Books for Armor and Soul Books for Tools. 

This is a Soul Book for Armor ^^

This is a Soul Book for Tools ^^

The method for using any of these books is all the same, so I will walk you through how to identify an item.

Place both items in your tool bar. Then while holding the book, right click and you should see the following message:

Then switch the item you want to identify to your hand and right click again. You should then see this message:

You might notice that this tool has empty Soul slots. This is where the Soul Books come into play! You can add any Soul Book (with the Tool label) to any tool with an open (Soul) slot. To add a Soul Book, you use the same method as you used to identify the Unidentified item. After adding the Soul book it will show up in the item lore:

These items can be combined on anvils to a certain extent, however not all enchantments or souls may combine, so be aware of that when you are experimenting with different combinations. If you have any questions or comments, please comment below. 

Happy Hunting!


lBuko These are dropping from mob spawners currently. Fyi